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Enrique Musi, Marketing Coordinator

Enrique Musi

Enrique grew up in Mexico City and moved to South Florida in 2012. He is graduating in International Business and Finance from Florida International University. He recently joined L2L as a Marketing Coordinator. Enrique is an active volunteer for several Hispanic and Minority Groups. He has lived in Mexico, France, and the United States and is trilingual.
On a Personal Note…

Book on your night table:
The Little Prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Favorite quote:
“God works in mysterious ways”. Romans 11 25-36

Culinary Weakness:
Lebanese Food

Favorite Pastime:

Best Childhood Memory:
Going on a Disney Cruise

Favorite Musicians:
Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys

A life lesson:
Sometimes blessings come disguised as tragedies. Learn from them and take advantage of the situation to make the most out of it.